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My Projects


Since 2014 I have been contributing to WordPress core. In my adventures I’ve learned a lot about what goes into an Open Source project, how to write code while looking to the future, especially how to write code while looking in the past, and how to look at the big picture.


wp-tools was written to be able to manage WordPress installations en mass. On the WordPress team at Bluehost, we used this tool to update more than 2 million WordPress installations. More information can be found here.

Dashboard xkcd

This simply displays the latest xkcd comic in the WordPress dashboard. It’s probably my favorite plugin.

Remove Admin Notices

Yoast tends to follow some bad practices regarding admin notices in the WordPress Dashboard. I am quite annoyed by this, so I wrote a plugin that removed the annoying things Yoast does. I’ll keep this updated as long as annoying things continue. The name recently changed because Yoast all but threatened me for “using his brand”. Although it was generally considered fair-use, I’m not in the mood for a lawsuit.

Seriously Simple Spam Blocker

A very simple WordPress plugin used to protect your site from spam. It uses the API to check for spam. Give it a try and leave some feedback.


Still a serious work in progress, DockerWP is going to be a simple and easy to use local development environment. Docker is wonderful for apps and keeping separate components modular for greater control.