Fixing Squeaky Floors

We’ve all walked on a wood floor that’s really squeaky and its quite annoying. Luckily its pretty easy to fix. I’ve been remodeling my basement over the past little while and took advantage of my basement ceiling being ripped open. My upstairs hardwood floor was pretty squeaky. You can’t really expect much else from a house […]

An Intro to WP-CLI

One of the most powerful tools in the WordPress world is the WordPress Command Line Interface or WP-CLI. From user management, to managing plugin and theme updates, WP-CLI can pretty much do anything you need it to do. User Management One of the easiest things to do is manage users. From updating email address and […]

Installing a LetsEncrypt SSL on Bluehost

UPDATE: This method is no longer required if you are  WordPress customer at Bluehost. Bluehost has started offering free SSLs for WordPress customers through Comodo. More information can be found here: So, letsencrypt is probably one of the best initiatives surrounding building a secure internet, because encryption is important. I really wanted to figure […]

SaintCon 2015

SaintCon was amazing this year. If you aren’t familiar with SaintCon, it’s the premier internet security conference in Utah. I would contend that its one of the best in the country. At SaintCon there is always a hackers challenge (CTF). I’m going to go over some of the challenges so someone can learn the things […]